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Meet Parker, the sweet mixed breed pup with a heart of gold! This handsome boy is a total sweetie and will steal your heart with his charming personality.

Parker's journey has been quite the rollercoaster; found living on the streets, he faced the unfortunate event of being struck by a car, resulting in his leg being completely turned the wrong way. However, thanks to our incredible rescue partners, Parker was swiftly taken to the vet where they performed a miracle and saved his leg. Now, he loves nothing more than prancing around the yard with a newfound sense of freedom and joy!

Despite his rough start, Parker is a playful little guy with a zest for life! He adores children and would be the perfect playmate for your little ones. You'll often find him running around outside, chasing after his toys with pure joy on his face.

Not only is Parker a bundle of fun, but he's also incredibly smart! In just a short time of being in foster care, he has already mastered the art of sitting like a pro!

Ready to welcome this courageous and lovable pup into your heart and home? Parker is waiting to shower you with love and laughter!!

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