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Adopted ❤️

Selena is sweet, sassy, and full of personality!

She is energetic too and will run her little heart out in the yard - rain or shine! 🌧️ ✨ After her zoomies, she will finally crash for a nap in your lap. ☺️Selena loves to cuddle up right next to you and give kisses. 😘 This girl can hold her own in a pack of dogs triple her size! Bravery is one of her best qualities. 💪She loves to play and wrestle with the others, but can be a bit bossy at times. Selena would do well in a home with well-behaved, dog savvy kids. 😉She would do best in a home with another dog who is more neutral or submissive. 🥰We haven’t exposed her much to cats yet, but from what we have seen, she can go to a home with kitties too.

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