News: No More Puppy-Mills Act Strikes "Just Puppies" in Maryland

A pet store known by the name "Just Puppies" clearly sets a tone of dogs for profit and not much precedent of "we care about dogs well being." Many don't realize that irresponsible breeding and selling of dogs, and all animals for that matter, severely and often irreparably damage them for life. Just like the epidemic of neglect, abuse, and poor living conditions dogs are taken. The early years of a dog's life (just as is proven in humans) is absolutely vital to receive compassion, love, good nutrition, it is the best chance that they have to get started. This is, in part, Furever Safe's mission to bring awareness to the severity and impact of irresponsible handling, breeding, and selling of canines. They are facing 500,000 dollars in fines after facing the attorney general.

In all actuality, it's wonderful to see states like Maryland take action against the serious crimes and injustices that impact animals across the United States. However, from the pandemic, to the border crises and all unfolding events in-between, pets are being abandoned, abused, neglected, and flooding in animal shelters like never seen before. When it comes to most they believe the decision lies with putting food on the table vs. in the dog bowl or caring for their pets. If it were up to us, we would say that your pet is family and losing them or leaving them isn't an option. Needless to say, the times are tough on us all in one way or another and pets are feeling the stress as well. Help a dog in need and we assure you that they will return the favor with unconditional love.

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