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Pitbull's Misunderstood

We want to further the conversation surrounding Pitbull's. These dogs are loving, loyal, and playful in nature. The media has told stories of dogs being mismanaged and the truth is a Pitbull is equally as dangerous as any other breed of dog mis-managed. The importance of proper training for your pet is critical, any poor behavior of a dog should be viewed as a failure in training on behalf of the owner. Corrections to dogs are possible but difficult, it's why the emphasis on training as soon as possible when adopting a puppy is priority number one, especially with larger, stronger breeds. Watch this video to learn more about the incorrect rumor's and stories told about Pitbull's and why they need to stop being told.

TIP: Pit Bulls are not actually a breed of dog. The term refers to a variety of breeds, like the American Staffordshire terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier and other such mixes of dogs. (Michelson, 2021)

Wow! Interesting! Get this..

As many as 75% of mixed breed dogs in animal shelters, including Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are misidentified as the wrong breed. (Michelson, 2021)
In 1993, a Pit Bull named Wheela won the Ken-L-Ration Dog Hero of the Year award for her heroic actions following a dam break along the Tijuana River. Over the course of three months, Wheela rescued 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat. She also hauled food to stranded animals and led rescuers to 13 abandoned horses. Go, Wheela! (Michelson, 2021)

It seems that as a nation and those who are not deeply knowledgeable about dogs have this inclination that Pitbull breeds are something that they are not. This breed has been targeted by the worst of humanity to make believe that they are ferocious monsters that would cause harm. Dog's should not be punished for human mistakes and for lies told by the media.

Can a bad dog be trained to be good? Watch.


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